We offer fish barbecue with 35 seats. You can prepare the fish by yourselves or leave it to our experienced cooking crew.

Fish menu

  1. Trout on stone tile
  2. Trout on skewer – on t ile
  3. Char-grilled Trout
  4. Stuffed Trout, wrapped in dock leafs
  5. Trout fried in butter and spelt flour
  6. Stuffed Trout with garlic
  7. Trout with cranberries
  8. Stuffed Trout with seven types of herbs
  9. Trout in oven
  10. Trout soup
  11. Barbecue
  12. Calf suckling in oven
  13. Suckling pig on skewers
  14. Pot of beans with goat’s meat
  15. Kachamak
  16. Patatnik
  17. Klin (cheese and rice pastry)