The fishing reservoir is build next to the bank of river Vucha (total of 430 sq.m.). It has 4 fishing points, one of which above the water, allowing both fishing and observation.

We offer the following trout species:

  • River Trout
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Salmon Trout

Fishing is done either using natural bite, fly-fishing or spinning.

For those of you with no fishing gear on location we offer everything necessary for a successful fishing outing to rent.

  1. Fully equipped fishing rod – 3 lv.
  2. Ring-net 1 lv.
  3. Bait

Fishing Regulations

  • The angler is entitled to catch unlimited amount of fish, via all traditional fishing methods;
  • The angler can use his or hers own bait and gear, or he can rent such on location;
  • Fishing is allowed only at the designated areas;
  • Fishing is not allowed for persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Children under the age of 10 can only fish when accompanied by an adult;
  • Every angler is responsible or his or hers own health and safety;
  • Every fish caught and put away must be paid for;
  • Fish should always be pulled out in a ring net, regardless of its size;
  • After photo session, the fish caught must carefully be put back in the water as quickly as possible. Taking pictures of the fish should be done for the shortest possible time, keeping the fish low towards the water.


  • Swimming is not allowed;
  • Reckless attitude towards the fish should not be tolerated (violent pulling out, touching the eyes and the gills, bonding, lifting high, touching the fish with dry hands etc.)
  • Keeping the fish is not allowed, unless it is paid for.

We recommend

  • Please, let us know if you spot any damaged fish.